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Weekly Cleaning Service

Let us take care of your pool maintenance each week, so you can spend your time swimming and not scrubbing. Two different levels of service are available to fit your needs.

Repairs, from large to small

We have expert repair technicians ready to help you with any pool service repair. Motors, lights, cleaners and more- we can do it all.

Equipment Upgrades & Replacement

Whether you are looking to replace a worn out heater or looking to upgrade your whole set of pool equipment, we can help. Suntan Pools is a preferred dealer of Pentair Aquatic Systems.

Weekly Service Options

Chemical/Brush Service

We test and balance chemicals, brush down pool, empty baskets and check over the pool equipment each week. A great service option for homeowners that don't mind doing some pool maintenance.

Full Service Cleaning

Everything included in the Chemical/Brush service, plus we net and vacuum all the debris and dirt from the pool each week. Let us take care of your pool so that you can enjoy it! With both service options we provide all chemicals needed.


Drain & Clean

If you have a green pool or one that has been neglected for a while, it may be necessary to drain the pool and either acid wash or chlorine bath the pool plaster. An efficient way to take your pool from green to clean.

Filter Cleaning

Regularly scheduled filter cleaning is needed to keep your pool running smoothly. Cartridge and D.E. filters are disassembled, parts inspected and cleaned thoroughly.

Pool School

Bought a new home and have a swimming pool for the first time? Let us help you understand pool maintenance and how to operate your pool equipment.

Mastic Replacement

Pool deck and coping is separated by a mastic joint. Cracking in the mastic or missing sections, means it is time to tear out and replace the mastic to prevent water from accumulating under the deck.

About Us

Suntan Pools is a family owned business that has been serving our customers in Tarrant County for over 13 years. We hold Certified Pool Operator (CPO) and Texas Residential Appliance Installer certifications and licenses. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can handle all of your swimming pool maintenance and repair needs.

Have Questions?

If you have more questions after reading through our list of frequently asked questions please feel free to Contact Us

Manufacturer recommendations are that cartridge filters be cleaned every 4 months and D.E. filters every 6 months. The size of the filter, the number of swimmers and the amount of vegetation/trees around the pool area could mean the filter needs to be cleaned more frequently than the standard intervals.
We strongly recommend that regular pool maintenance be done year-round. Even though chlorine demand decreases in the winter months, proper balancing of pH and alkalinity, as well as regular brushing, will help keep your pool plaster looking good in comparison to pools that are not cared for in the off season.
Typically, you will see pools get algae due to low chlorine. However, poor pool circulation, proper water chemistry, filtration system issues, and amount of debris in the pool can all play a role in a pool developing algae.
Pools with high cyanuric acid readings (greater than 90 ppm) can lead to significant pool issues. Higher levels will bind with the chlorine, making it slower acting to kill bacteria and micro-organisms, and prevent algae. This can lead to cloudy water, algae blooms and even a green pool.
Suntan Pools accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Options are also available for you to pay through on line bill pay with your bank or automatic draft to a credit or debit card. Contact us for details.

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